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What about privacy on this site and associated ones?
I sell nothing and makes no benefits at all from this web site and my other web sites (,, only expenses (~30 Euros par site per year).
I recommend or despised some products or services. Note that in all cases, these are products or services I bought for my own use, not to write pages about them. I did not get any reward, free products or services (say links) or any gift whatsoever from anyone.
I do not trade or exchange links, I set links only when I think they are useful (which includes many commercial links).
No publicity at all, from the very beginning (in 2003 with
I always paid my hosts in order to avoid publicity. Building and maintaining a web site is a lot of work that I don't want to waste with publicity and I decided from start to pay to avoid it.
My present host since maybe a decade is OVH and name supplier is GANDI.
No tracking, but as usual, the host records IP address, viewed page and browser and OS type.
I don't use google analytics, so Google can't track you when you are visiting the site, if you came from a direct link or another search engine, they will never know (nearly 70% of web sites uses 'Google analytics' because it is easy and practical, but this is a huge hole in privacy).
I don't use (yet) any web analytic program, but that may change, maybe for Piwik, never for 'Google analytics'.
There is no cookie within most of the site (which is handled by pmWiki) but if you visit the demo site of my own application Aquilegia, it set a cookie defining the last viewed page, only if 'Do Not Track' is not activated, in order to sent a reader back to the last viewed page when coming again. If you activated DNT in your browser, there will be no cookie et you will open homepage when coming back (provided your browser have DNT option - if it does not propose DNT it is largely time to change for a more civilised browser).


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