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Garden Railway

After 15 years in an house, I’m now living in a flat and I’m preparing a garden railway for my future home.
You shall find here a few pages made from my search on the subject.

  • A box to carry safely your trains




Buying equipment

I designed and built a garden train monorail with some parts 3D printed.

And resources

You could find a few extracts of the book ‘LGB track planning and technical guide’

Yet this is only a project to be done in a few years and I have bought on Internet a complete LGB fleet.
I have yet a few electric locos (1 2017D and two O&K, 1 Spreewald), 2 trams, 6 passenger cars and and a whole set wagons, plus a LGB start set with blue loco and cars.
I’ve also bought new an Accucraft Countess live steam loco for around 1200 Euros and an used ‘Anna’ steam loco.

I have prepared the 2017 motor connections for battery or DCC power (modification of motors to cut the links between motors and wheels).
I have built two new PIKO cabin kits bought in Germany for 100 Euros both.

I made preliminary choices:
- Narrow gauge LGB equipment, with two axles wagons and cars
- Battery powered loco with RCS control system
- PECO G-45 track (code 250) installed at height (70–80 cm) on planks used to be also plants pot
- Not really a model, but plausible French environment

I am not willing to make a model, more a toy.

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