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Fisher delta

The Fisher Delta was a compact, low cost, delta printer kit issued by RepRapPro.
I bought it in Beta phase, final issue (V1) was done in October 2015.


This printer benefitted from the Delta geometry and Delta Calibration software implemented by David Crocker (DC42) for the Duet Board.
The Duet board does include a web server done by Christian Hammacher (Chrishamm) which makes this board really an 'all in one', as no external computer is needed for Internet Web server. The only drawback compared to Octoprint it is less easy to install a camera.
If your router/switch is configured to use DHCP, the connexion to the printer web server is entirely automatic.

The ultimate usable area specified is 150mm in diameter and 180mm height (at the middle only). In practice, it is lower than that.
It is built with printed part and acrylic panels and parts (acrylic is also used for effector and extruder).

There is no Heatbed, neither native, nor in option. The bed surface is done with BuildTak (tm).


I made a technical analysis of the Fisher design.


The version I have is the first beta version and while it work well, there are some points which, in my view, were needing improvement, or were not working:

Hardware modifications:

  • Added a switched plug to start/stop the machine (imperative for safety: there is no on/off switch on the Fisher)
  • Reinforced the structure with wood lath and done modifications to the idlers
  • Made an aluminium bed as the original acrylic bed was really warped, which drives to many problems
  • Set the spool support on top while modifying the filament route for a very direct path, which also allowed bowden length reduction
  • Replaced the weak extruder by a geared extruder of own design
  • Insulated with polyimide tape the hotend heating block, as the part cooling very efficiently cool this block
  • Printed new arms after having broken one and lengthened them
  • Replaced the SD card by a faster one to double the transfer speed
  • Added rubber feet
  • Glued the fan on its support, as vibrations were separating it from support

Ultimately the Fisher was dismembered and its components were used to build an enclosed printer of own design the Lily, which also have a larger usable volume.

Software modifications

  • Modified the configuration file
  • Modified the web interface file for better viewing
  • Modified miscellaneous calibration macros according David Crocker recommendations.

What I would like to have, but is above what I can do:
- Having a pause/resume button on the printer
- Aborting a print shall not shut down the heating


I have tested PETG printing with success

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