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POLA supplier is a main source of plastic building for scale 1:22.5.

I assembles a kit of vintage industrial crane ref POLA G 339.
It seems that this model is no longer built but some shops may have stock. I got mine through Dragon G scale during open door week-end of the forum Continental Garden Train.

This crane is original and its patina is quite realistic.
It is manually operated and perfectly functional.

It is delivered as a kit in a box 10 x 30 x 40 cm of an approximative weight of 1.5 kg.
Thre is no glue.

You shall be very careful, there are many gears and small parts and sometimes quite difficult to disciminate. If you make a mistake while gluing, it will be quite difficult to came back. Assembly time is around two hours.

The hook weight being insufficient for proper chain tensioning while operating, I replaced the weight by a lead part cut in fishing weight.

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