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Piko cabins

To evaluate how the plastic kit were assembled and also because I was liking the models, I bought and assembled two PIKO cabins, 'Brad Fishing Cabin' 62262 and 'Old falsington feed & seed Company' 62112.
As already indicated, the scale of PIKO building, while promoted as being 1:22.5 is practically more 1:29 or 1:32. For both models shown here, this is not essential.
I paid both models (2011), shipping included, a bit more than 100 Euros, in the German shop Price have since significantly increased and model 62112 is no longer available in this shop (however you can find it elsewhere at high rate). You can communicate in English with them. For credit card payment, you need to go through an intermediate as Paypal. Bank transfer are preferred by German shops as for Germans, this is free, but that is not the case for other European country, where fees are often the maximum allowed by EEC (a bit more than 4 euros)...

What is supplied:
Boxes are quite large (30cm x 40cm x 10 cm) and weight 2.5 kg for the grocery store and 1.6 kg for the fishing cabin.
They are supplied with plastic parts, 2 glue tubes of 5.5g, general decal in English, French and German (same for both boxes) and two transparent small plastic sheets for glasses.

Parts are on two layers, all were there!
There is a double page A4 showing all parts and assembly method (no text).

Nota: Accessories shown on photos are not supplied.

Moulded plastic parts show wood veins with slightly different colour streaks in satin tone quite realistic. However, door and windows frame have an unrealistic glossy finish. Grey colour of roof aspect is acceptable.

Assembly is quite long. There are many parts, notably for the bracing and support structure. It takes me more than 4 hours for the grocery store and 2 hours and an half for the fishing cabin.

Floor parts are small and shall be carefully glued to guaranty minimum strength. Floor moulds of both cabin have identical shape, but different colour. It might have been preferable to make much larger floor parts.

For aesthetic reasons and to widen terrace area, I modified the railing of the fishing cabin to install the cabin in an angle. I glued the cabin in place , with a hole in the floor for future lighting. I will probably do the same for the grocery store, one I have choosen the side. I will probably make the fishing cabin stair going down in water for a boat access, as I feel it nicer than Piko photos suggestion.

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