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Rolling stock

Here a few photos of my rolling stock. Accucraft Countess live steam locomotive was bought in pre-order on Track-Shack, all other equipment (LGB only) was bought used on ebay on a period exceeding one year. Only a fraction of my whole fleet is shown here. Sure the countess price is equivalent to the whole other equipment (All LGB: 1 tram, 1 other tram, 2 locos O&K, one loco 2017D,1 loco Spreewald, 5 freight cars, 1 musical car, 2 low side cars, 6 passengers cars, 2 tank car, 1 crane car).

The Countess is a pretty locomotive built in China on a development made in UK. Relatively good quality, while it cannot be compared to the quality of German live steam locomotives (which cost more than twice).

General view

Vues de dessus

Connecting rods

From the back of the driver cabin

Locomotive LGB O&K

The very small but quite elegant locomotive LGB O&K - one black, one green. I was willing to get one, I had two, sold the same day by an unique seller. While quite old, their condition is like new.

Tramway LGB

An old tramway not in very good condition. Some repair might be needed.

Another tramway in better condition, the one of 20th LGB anniversary (1968-1988)

And a 2017D locomotive, modified to have it look like the 2015 (no bull bar and circular front lamp)
Tender is motorised.

And a few cars:

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