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OpenSCAD Library and Tools

In order to write my programs faster and also to make them more compact, I created a library that is now three years old and relatively stable as well as various other tools.

Order library

This library creates short commands and generalizes extrusion in all axes. Extrusion on native OpenSCAD is only possible along the Z axis, it is convenient to be able to do it along all axes. The extrusion axis is simply indicated at the end of the function name, for example to extrude a cylinder, we have the cylx (diam, length, x,y,z), cyly (diam, length, x,y,z) and cylz (diam, length, x,y,z) functions with x,y,z as cylinder position, which is the current position if these values are omitted.
There are abbreviated functions for translations, rotations and unions.
There are also various functions, especially mirrors (the most commonly used), duplication functions and even a set of functions for making pin and slot assemblies. There are also functions for the most common colours. In total, this library contains more than 70 functions.

Equipment libraries

This small library contains elements common in 3D printers:
Nema motors, small bearings, RC servos, fans and some other accessories.

Automatic generation of stl files in batch mode
In addition, I have created a number of tools to compensate for some of the shortcomings of OpenSCAD

  • A parts generator that allows you to export all the stl files of the model following the modification of a model. Unfortunately it is not possible to do this from OpenSCAD, so I use a batch windows program (.bat file) for this purpose. An OpenSCAD module has been created to generate this batch program.

An example of an application can be found here:

Translation macro

To be able to translate the legends of the Customizer customization panel, I created a free office macro, which replaces the lines in English with those in another language (by comment/decomment) used for the most recent applications.

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