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Fisher configuration


I have done some modifications to the Fisher default configurations:

  • To adapt parameters to my machine
  • To take into account modifications (geared extruder)
  • To improve the web interface

Note that the Fisher 1.0 is supplied with a geared extruder

The configuration files could be modified:

  • By modifying them on the SD card
  • By uploading them via the web interface, they go in the appropriate directory
  • By FTP the board (login:whatever, password:yourpassword,
    default password: reprap). I personally use FTP.

Config file

/sys/config.g is the main configuration file.
In addition to the modifications of M665 and M666, which shall take into account
your real machine dimensions, you may modify :
line ~48 : M558
Once your endstop are reliably calibrated and entered in M666 command, you could
reduce the dive of probing, which significantly reduced probing time, by modifying
parameter H. I use 2 instead of 4, the result being:
M558 P4 X0 Y0 Z0 H2

It is not (yet) indicated in the commissioning manual, but you SHALL calibrate your
extruder (output 500mm of filament and measure it to correct the parameter):

M92 E136;  !! extrusion rate, default was 144, use 420 for geared extruder.
Note: for Fisher Beta, the default was modified in the last images to 137, which is more accurate.

Running at high temperature for PETG printing, I had problems (still) with
the temperature control, so I modified the control parameters according RRP
It shall be noted that the last image (040815) have modified parameters, however
they are different from the one below, which are more aggressive, so here it is:
M301 H1 P20 I0.5 D100 W180 T0.4; new configuration (RRP recommendation in forum)
Though, I had slight oscillations and after triggering the maximum temperature
of 300°C (I am operating at 295°C), I changed to value similar to the last SD
image value.
M301 H1 P12 I0.4 D80 W180 B30 T0.4
Note: triggering the maximum temperature stop the hotend heating and so,
kill the print.

In addition, on the third line, I shortened the machine name (used by browser for
web access and also for FTP).
M550 Pfisher
If your machine is on a wifi network, it is wise to modify your password (see web
interface paragraph):
M551 Pwhateverpass


The calibration macros are in evolution and David Crocker have made improvement since
the issue of the Fisher, so it is recommended to update the firmware (new firmware
are not yet validated by RRP).
Information in calibration page and above comments apply to revised firmware.
For good calibration, the calibration macros delivered with the Fisher shall
be modified.
See the delta calibration.

Web interface

As I get the beta version, the web interface (and in general the comments in the
configuration file, which are a bit odd) was not completely adapted to the Fisher.
Also, while you can configure the web interface, this is not recorded by the board
and you shall redo it at each start.
See the instructions in the Web interface page.

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