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D-Box prints

Tests with the unequal angles shows that the quality of the print varies depending the position.
Good on the left, but bad on the right.

I have done a first test with this double twisted vase, but the model is full of artifacts, which show in prints, especially with some extrusion parameters.

Test was then done with this pentagonal twisted vase scale up 4 times.
It is an interesting model because it does not have artifacts, it does have flat inlined areas, sharp corners and as a pentagon, you will escape from regular printer angles.

It have been printed in spiral mode, 0.25 mm layers, in RepRapper PETG at 275°.
One layer is deposited in just above 10seconds, which makes a real average speed of 50mm/s. Acceleration 8000.

Small film You hear neatly the drumming noise inside the printer. Hopefully, this is less marked outside the printer.

On the left of the print

On the right of the print - This is history - problem solved with equilateral configuration

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