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old RCS train control in 27MHz

Note: This system was abandoned in 2012 and is replaced by a new system in 2.4 GHz
I was then in search of a radio control for garden railway.
Looking the miscellaneous manufacturer websites, it seems no one is willing to define the basic specifications of their proposals.
For knowing the capabilities of the systems, it seems the only way is to analyse the gore details of the manuals.
Also, being in Europe, the number of systems complying with radio regulation is limited.
I was interested by the Australian RCS system, who is no better than his competitors in presenting its materials.
I’ve decided to draft a schematic to understand how it was working, which have helped me a lot.
So, here are these schematics and specifications in a more polished version than my initial draft. Enjoy!
Please note that I do not own (yet) the system, these info are only taken from RCS documents.
I am not involved in RCS business and it shall be clear that I cannot guaranty anything at all.

(c) Pierre ROUZEAU
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