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Willing to store my small fleet, I’ve decided to build a cassette box, to be put *atop* existing rails, not at an end.
Initially I designed an openable box, but abandoned for lack of stifness to arrive to present design with closed box drilled with side holes used for maintening the train with foam pushed through.

Also, while set on side, it could be used as a working stand (with foam added on one side), or presentation stand (with rails). The internal rails are in… Oak (if you carry wagons, no need for electric rails).

Total empty weight of this 1.25 m long box (4 small LGB wagons): 4.4 kg

While used a steam stand, you need to make drain holes to limit water accumulation.

Nota: if you wish to use it for live steam loco, you most probably shall do it slightly higher. It is missing 2mm (yes: two!) in height to enter my Accucraft countess with its top…

It is needed to use good quality foam, as could be found on seats.

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